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Vår 2020

BIO-3529 Academic skills - 5 stp

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Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Type of course

The course is a multi-disciplinary master course for students in natural sciences. This course is recommended during the 1st or the 2nd semester of the master program. The maximum limit of participants is 30.

The course can be taken as a singular course. 9371 - enkeltemner på masternivå

Course contents

The course will give the students basic academic skills in the form of scientific writing and giving scientific presentations within the natural sciences. The focus will be on the structure of a scientific text, and we will also devote time in refining your academic English skills, and how to present research data. An introduction to a range of library resources, for example relevant databases, scientific search, and to use of reference tools (EndNote), will also be given. Moreover, we will discuss important issues like the critical use of sources, what is considered plagiarizing and scientific fraud, and how a good scholarly reputation is evolving. We hope the course will contribute in building a creative and constructive social network of master students at the faculty.

Admission requirements

The course can be taken as a singular course. 9371 - enkeltemner på masternivå

Objective of the course



General competence:

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

One week, 31 hours of lectures and 4-11 h group-work. The teaching on the course will be a combination of theory and practical exercises in text editing, and presentation-techniques. We will work in small groups where we will evaluate and give constructive critique to each others texts and presentations. There is a possibility for filming the presentations.


Exam: Give a 10 min presentation of master project description plus 15 min oral examination. Grade: Pass/Fail. Work requirements: 1) Make a 10 minute presentation on your master-project. Use how to make scientific presentations - format as far as possible. 2) Obligatory attendance on 80% of lectures 3) Obligatory attendance in group-work assignments. Resit: no.

Mulig ny eksamensformulering:

Oral exam: Give a 10-min presentation of your master-project - or tentative MS project. Grade: Pass/Fail.

Coursework requirements: 1) Obligatory attendance on 80% of lectures 2) Obligatory attendance in group-work assignments 3) Post-work assignment: Give the presentation to your research-group/the institute/at a workshop or conference.

Lectures Spring 2020
Lectures rådgiver Marit Bull Enger
f.aman. Karl-Erik Eilertsen
f.bibl. Lars Figenschou
f.bibl. Mbachi Ruth Msomphora
uni.bibl. Leif Roger Olsen
uni.bibl. Glennda Alina Villaflor
Group work f.aman. Karl-Erik Eilertsen
f.aman. Teppo Rämä