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Vår 2020

SHO6264 Diploma Thesis - M-IT - 30 stp

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Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

Type of course

Subject can not be taken as a single subject.

Course contents

The master thesis project represents the conclusion of the master study, where the students gets an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in previous courses. The thesis assignment is formulated by the supervisor, individually or after discussion with the student and/or external participants. NUC offers a wide range of project assignments within relevant and pertinent topics, based on internal or external research activities, but the student may also suggest assignments based on their own interests or according to requests from the industry. The assignments may also be extensions of project works completed previously in the study, however with broadened problems.

The project assignment may in general contain both theoretical and practical elements, such as mathematical modelling, system analysis, theoretical derivations and practical development. The project is individual, and the work should be performed at NUC. If the project assignment is formulated in collaboration with a specified company, it is possible for the student to work at the company for parts of the project.

Guidelines for the master thesis project work are formulated by NUC.

Admission requirements

Required prerequisite knowledge: 

Completed a suifficient number of courses (at least 80 ECTS) in the pertaining program.

Objective of the course

The goal of the master thesis project gives the student competence to carry out an individual project within a selected topic, relevant and pertinent to the master programme. The student will also acquire a broad knowledge of the topic through literature surveys of previous work within the field and related fields, and a profound knowledge through solving a specified problem. The final result of the project is a scientific report (thesis) with a presentation of the problem itself, the suggested solution and a discussion of employed techniques and the results.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

See course content.


Form of assessment: Written Master's thesis

Grouping: Individual

Grading will be done by using A-F grading scale, F is Fail.

Date for examination

Diploma Thesis and oral- M-IT hand in date 08.06.2020

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.

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