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Vår 2020

ARK-8003 Academic Texts and Argumentation - 5 stp

The course is administrated by

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Type of course

The course may be taken as a single course. The total numer of seats is 6. PhD students at UiT apply for admission by registering for class in Studentweb by 1 December.

Course contents

The course will provide insight into the specific requirements for academic texts within the relevant disciplines with regard to research history, formulation of research questions, presentation of data, bibliography and references as well as theoretical and methodological argumentation.  This will be discussed through the participant's production of individual texts (article or monograph chapter).

Application deadline

The application deadline is 1 December 2019. Application code 9304 in Søknadsweb.

Admission requirements

PhD students within the PhD-programme in the humanities and social sciences may be admitted. The course is predominantly organized for students within the fields of archaeology, history, religious studies and related disciplines.

PhD students must upload a document from their university stating that they are registered PhD students.


The course has 6 seats. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available on the PhD course, applicants will be ranked from category 1 to 3.

Category 1: People admitted to the PhD Programme at UiT

Category 2: Participants in the Associate Professor Programme that fulfil the educational requirements

Category 3: Doctoral students from other universities

Objective of the course

The students have the following learning outcomes:


The student has:


The student is able to / can:

Language of instruction

Depending on the language spoken by the participating students, the course will be taught in either English or Norwegian.

Teaching methods

During this course each participant produce a text (article or monograph chapter) which will be commented upon by the other participants and one or two course directors. Each participant must hand in at least two drafts versions, demonstrating clear progression in the text.

The course is organised as 4 seminars of at least 3 hours each.

All courses will be evaluated once during the period of the study program. The board of the program decides which courses will be evaluated by students and teacher each year. 


Coursework requirements:

The following coursework requirements must be completed and approved in order to take the final exam:

Assessment and exam:

The exam will consist of:

Submission of a final draft of an academic paper (article or chapter) of c. 4000-6000 words.

The submission deadline will be one to two months after the last seminar.

The text may be written in English or one of the Scandinavian languages.

The exam will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis.


Retake is offered in in the beginning of the following semester in cases of Fail. Deferred examination is offered in the beginning of the following semester if the student is unable to take the final exam due to illness or other exceptional circumstances. Registration deadline for retake is January 15 for autumn semester exams and August 15 for spring semester exams.

Date for examination

Take-home assignment hand in date 10.06.2020

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.

Lectures Spring 2020
Seminar prof. Charlotte Damm