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Høst 2018

STE6305 Project Management - 5 stp

The course is administrated by

Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

Type of course

The course may be taken as a singular course.

Course contents

This course provides an introduction to the basic knowledge and methodologies in Project management, and the course content includes:

1. Introduction of project management

2. Organizational context: strategy, structure and stakeholder

3. Project selection and portfolio management

4. Leadership and team building

5. Scope management and work breakdown structures

6. Risk management

7. Cost estimation and budgeting

8. Project scheduling

9. Critical path management

10. Resource management

11. Project evaluation and control

12. Project termination

Application deadline

Applicants from Nordic countries: 1 June for the autumn semester and 1 December for the spring semester. Exchange students and Fulbright students: 1 October for the spring semester and 15 April for the autumn semester.

Admission requirements

A relevant undergraduate bachelor Engineering programme with minimum 30 credits Mathematics/statistics topics

Application code: 9371

Suggested pre-requisites:

Basic knowledge in mathematics and management science at bachelor level or equivalent is recommended in this course.

Objective of the course


The course aims at establishing a thorough understanding of the basic knowledge in project management, group works for problem solving, case studies, literature surveys and similar.

1. Understanding the difference between leadership and management

2. Understanding WBS and OBS

3. Understanding the project scheduling and CPM

4. Understanding how to crash project schedule and how to manage limited resources

5. Understanding how to use different methods to evaluate the progress of project

6. Understanding how to terminate a project


After learning the course, students should be able to manage the following skills:

1. Use the basic knowledge and terminology in project management

2. Understanding the different organizational structure

3. Use both qualitative and quantitative methods for project selection

Institutt for Industriell Teknologi Dato: 8.2.2017

4. Understanding and apply the methods for risk management and cost estimation in project management

General competence

Passing the course will provide students with competence for doing and leading projects related to industrial engineering.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Lecture, individual practice, group discussion, self-reading and project.

Lecture: 40 hours.

Exercise and project: 40 hours.


The course assessment is divided into two parts:

Project: 40% of the final grade

Written exam: 60% of the final grade

The course is evaluated through ECTC system (A-F), and both the project and written exam have to be passed in order to pass the course. The project and the written exam are graded individually.

Re-sit exam

For students failed in the written exam, a re-sit written exam will be arranged for this course.

For students failed in the project, a new project assignment must be delivered within the given deadline.

Date for examination

Project Management - Written examination 15.10.2018;Group assignment/project hand in date 01.10.2018

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.

Recommended reading/syllabus

Textbook: Jeffery K. Pinto, 2013. Project Management, Achieving Competitive Advantage Global Edition, 3rd Edition, Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN 13: 978-0-273-76742-8 or ISBN 10: 0-273-76742-9

Additional literature: David L. Goetsch, 2015. Project Management for Engineering and Technology, 1st Edition, Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN 13: 978-0-13-281640-3 or ISBN 10: 0-13-281640-7

Lectures Autumn 2018
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