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Høst 2018

ARK-2031 Arctic Rock Art - 10 stp

The course is administrated by

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Type of course

This is an optional course and may be taken as a single course.

Course contents

Rock art images provide a fascinating glimpse into past societies. The Nordic countries have a wealth of sites and a wide variety of different motifs, ranging from life-sized animals and detailed hunting scenes, to images of shamans and warriors, to prehistoric ritual scenes.

This course will provide an overview of Nordic rock art with an emphasis on the northernmost sites. It will briefly outline the history of research on rock art, before moving to the modern methods for analysis and interpretation of rock art.  Examples from areas beyond Scandinavia will be included, to present an understanding of the diversity of rock art.

Application deadline

Applicants from Nordic countries: 1 June for the autumn semester and 1 December for the spring semester. Exchange students and Fulbright students: 1 October for the spring semester and 15 April for the autumn semester.

Admission requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification (generell studiekompetanse) or prior learning and work experience (realkompetanse). Application code: 9199 (Nordic applicants).

No background knowledge of archaeology is required.

Objective of the course

The students will have the following learning outcomes:


The student will  have:


The student is able to / can:

Language of instruction

All instruction will be provided in English. Oral presentation must be performed in English, while written examination may be in English or Norwegian.

Teaching methods

12 lectures and seminars, and - weather allowing - one excursion. The lectures will provide the empirical and theoretical overview of rock art research. The seminars will focus on group discussion of interpretations.

All courses will be evaluated once during the period of the study program. The board of the program decides which courses will be evaluated by students and teacher each year. 


Coursework requirements:

The following coursework requirements must be completed and approved in order to take the final exam:

Assessment and exam:

The exam will consist of: One written take-home assignment of ca. 8-10 pages (ca. 3000-3500 words), in which two out of four assigned questions are answered. The duration of the exam is one week.  

The exam will be assessed on an A-F grades scale. Grades are A-E for passed and F for failed.


Retake is offered in in the beginning of the following semester in cases of grade F or Fail. Deferred examination is offered in the beginning of the following semester if the student is unable to take the final exam due to illness or other exceptional circumstances. Registration deadline for retake is January 15 for autumn semester exams and August 15 for spring semester exams.

Date for examination

Take home exam hand out date 03.12.2018 hand in date 10.12.2018

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.

Recommended reading/syllabus

c. 700 richly illustrated pages.


Lødøen, T. & Mandt, G. 2005. The Rock Art of Norway. Oxford, Windgather Press/Oxbow Books. ISBN 978-1-905119-28-8

Lectures Autumn 2018
Lectures and seminars prof. Charlotte Brysting Damm
First lecture:

Coursework requirement Presentation:

Exam Home exam: Hand out: xx.xx in WISEflow at 09.30. Hand in: xx.xx at 14.00 in WISEflow.The date of the exam can be changed.