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Vår 2015

BIO-8516 Arctic Frontiers PhD Student Workshop I - 4 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for arktisk og marin biologi

Course contents

With the support of leading international specialists, ARCTOS arranges a new PhD workshop every year in concert with the annual Arctic Frontiers conference (Tromsø, January). The subject of the workshop will change from year to year and will be on a "hot" research topic. The students will have to participate in the Arctic Frontier Conference, both the political and scientific part, and either give a talk or present a poster at it. They will then attend in addition a 5 days seminar where working on topics related to the theme of the conference. During the seminar they will train in the preparation of a project proposal by writing a project proposal to an imaginary research fund. The seminar also includes more general lectures on art, local history, leadership, economics or political sciences. The course can be taken twice during the PhD study, but will have to be registered as BIO-8517 the second time. Prior to registering for this course, potential participants need to submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation to the Arctic Frontiers conference ( and apply to join the Young Scientists Forum. ( After receiving a confirmation of acceptance to the conference and workshop they can formally apply to be taken up for the course at the university. Questions should be adressed to

Objective of the course

Students who successfully complete this course should have achieved the following learning outcomes: -be familiar with the newest research topics in the fields discussed at the conference -know how the funding application process works. Students should also: -know how to focus on the most important aspects in a (research) funding proposal -be able to prepare a poster/talk that fulfills the standards of a major international conference -work in an international group on common goal they are not familiar with from before -become familiar with other aspects of their science: culture, history

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Intensive courses - participation on 5 days Arctic Frontiers conference (includes poster or oral presentation) and 5 days workshop on board the Hurtigruten and in Svolvær


Powerpoint presentation of results and conclusions from discussion groups at the end of the workshop. Graded with: pass/fail