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Arctic Adventure Tourism - bachelor


Duration:3 Years
Credits (ECTS):180
Qualification:Bachelor in Arctic Adventure Tourism
Admission requirements:Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English
Application deadline:15 April 2024. No admission for 2023/2024
Application code:Nordic applicants:186 319
International applicants: 2067

Programme description

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world, thus the demand for proficient workers is increasing continuously. The bachelor's degree programme in Arctic Adventure Tourism is aimed at people who wants to work with arctic experience production, marketing, management and communication relevant to the adventure tourism industry.

The programme provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to design and produce sustainable nature- and culture based experiences. It is constructed to provide compentent workers for developing sustainable tourism industry. The program's values are based on respect and concern for nature and culture.

Programme structure

Term 10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
4th semester
5th semester *
Practice in Business*
6th semester
*Practice in business: for the achievement of BA Arctic Adventure Tourism, students can apply for a practice in business (equivalent 10 ECTS) in a relevant tourism business in the 5th semester. Limited number of placements available. For more information, see course description.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, students are expected to possess the following learning outcomes:



General competence

Teaching and assessment

The course activities consist of different teaching methods. Lectures will give candidates an overview of the theoretical field and knowledge of the challenges in Arctic adventure tourism. Candidates will analyse, discuss and position their knowledge into relevant contexts. External lectures, field trips and training will lead to practical skills, and help candidates to gain an overall insight of the tourism industry.

Through group work, candidates will be able to discuss subjects for a deeper understanding. In individual tasks, candidates will use theoretical literature and examples from the tourism industry. Candidates will receive supervision and individual guidance in writing essays, group assignments and writtens exams. Candidates are expected to perform independent studies, including curriculum not specified in the scheduled teaching.

Practical tasks and field trips, which take place in a natural environment, are an integrated part of this study. Candidates are required to have necessary equipment, and should expect other expenses related to these field trips.

Students will be evaluated by coursework requirements and examinations. Required attendance and assigments must be approved in order to qualify for examination. For detailed descriptions of requirements, see course description for each course.

Examination methods will vary between courses, and will generally be written home or school exams, and oral exams.


For the achievement of BA Arctic Adventure Tourism, students can apply for a practice semester in relevant tourism business in the 5th semester. Limited number of placements available. For more information, see course description of Arctic Tourism Practice.

Language of instruction


Exchange possibilities

Candidates may apply for exchange in the fifth semester (30 ECTS). More information can be obtained by contacting the student administration.

Job prospectives

Upon completion of Bachelor in Arctic Adventure Tourism, the candidate can seek a career in activity and adventure companies, businesses where host-guest interaction is crucial, destination and marketing companies, the hospitality industry, product and business development, event planning, or establishing one's own business venture.

Access to further studies

With a bachelor's degree in Arctic Adventure Tourism, students can apply for admission to the master programme in Tourism Studies, or master programmes both at UiT or at other national and international institutions.