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Juha Vierinen

I an experimentalist that works across a range of themes within space physics. I specialize in development of novel radar and radio remote sensing measurement techniques, and apply them to scientific studies in the field of space plasma physics, atmospheric physics, space debris, and planetary science. Much of this work is conducted with high power large aperture radars, ionospheric heating facilities, ionosonde networks, meteor radar networks, radio telescopes, and global navigation satellite networks. 

Ongoing collaborations: 

- Tromso Science Foundation funded "Radar Science with EISCAT 3D"

- Meteor radar development project with IAP Kühlungsborn and MIT Haystack Observatory  --  Multistatic Spread Spectrum Meteor Radar

- Radar observations of enhanced Langmuir waves in ionospheric plasma

- Planetary radar observations of the Moon with long wavelengths

- Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array

I'm interested in applications of statistical inverse problems to a broad range of space physics measurement problems. I'm also interested in radio propagation in magnetized collisional plasma. 

Førsteamanuensis / Romfysikk
Olav Gaute Hellesø

Leiar for Institutt for fysikk og teknologi, medlem i forskingsgruppa for 'Ultralyd, mikrobølgjer og optikk' og professor i optikk

Professor / Instituttleiar
Jana Jágerská


Researcher and group leader in the field of nanophotonics and laser spectroscopy; focus on mid-infrared on-chip sensors for trace gas detection

Principal Investigator: ERC Starting Grant, 
RCN's FRINATEK Young Research Talents, TFS Starting Grant

Teaching: Photonics (Spring 2018, Spring 2021), Optical Sensing (2019)

Førsteamanuensis / Ultralyd, mikrobølger og optikk