Available master projects

Tilgjengelige masteroppgaver ved AMB - Available bachelor or master projects   

Dette er er tilgjengelige bachelor og master prosjekter for deg som studerer ved AMB. Her kan du lese mer om de forskjellige prosjektene og ta kontakt med studieveileder, eller prosjektleder for mer informasjon. Kunne du tenke deg å utføre et prosjekt som ikke er listet opp på denne siden, da tar du kontakt med studieveileder, eller med en fagpersoner innenfor temaet.


Passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals around South Orkney Islands and interaction with Antarctic krill fisheries

Ecosystem modelling of the Barents Sea - effects of model simplification on model performance

2020-2022; starts august 2021 ( Preparation may start autumn 2020/spring 2021)

Contact Prof. Torstein Pedersen

Vertical carbon flux related to pelagic biodiversity in a Greenlandic fjord.
From July 2020 
Contact Prof. Camilla Svensen and co-supervisor Dr. Ingrid Wiedmann

Discipline Arctic animal physiology 

Master projects in Arctic Chronobiology and Physiology

Discipline Freshwater Ecology 

MSc project in Aquatic Ecology

MSc Projects in Freshwater ecology 

Discipline Marine ecology and resource biology 

Lipids in high Arctic copepods determined from in situ images collected with a Video Plankton Recorder

Optimizing methodologies in marine microbial ecology

MSc projects available in Arctic coastal ecology and aquatic biogeochemistry 

Master project opportunity in marine mammal ecotoxicology

Available Master thesis project in Artic marine plankton ecology

Diversity and abundance of gelatinous zooplankton in the northern Barents Sea

Eqalugaq - Polar cod response to climate change in High Arctic vs Low Arctic regions

Has climate change already affected the distribution of marine fauna in the Barents Sea? The case of marine snails (Gastropoda)

Quantification of mollusk abundance and grazing activity on rocky intertidal shores

Discipline Molecular environmental biology 

MSc project Reindeer rumen bacterium

Molecular and chemical crosstalk between plants and microorganisms (Molecular environments group) 

Discipline Northern populations and ecosystem 

MSc Project - Functional ecology of arctic mosses – how to quantify a key ecosystem component? 

Tipping points in the response of mountain birch forest to climatically facilitated insect outbreaks 


Arcticinfection biology 

Climate change and reindeer pasture degradation - from reindeer herding to farming? 

UiT's collaborative institutions 

Norsk Polarintitutt 






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