Norwegian for foreign students, I - III - one year programme


The programme is intended for foreign students who wish to qualify for studies in the Norwegian system of higher education, primarily students enrolled in the universitys collaboration agreements and exchange programs. It is also open for applicants with a residence permit in Norway, Norwegian citizens with a foreign education, and students who wish to have previous education recognized in Norway and therefore need a Norwegian language certificate.


Varighet:1 Years
Location: Alta
Credits (ECTS):60
Admission requirements:See below
Application deadline:15 April
Application code:2062
How to Apply

The course Norwegian for Foreign Students (60 ects), level 1-3 does not require any previous knowledge of Norwegian. On level 1, English will be used as a support language. However, this is a rapid progress course, and attendance at the classes is compulsory. The course is designed for full-time students, in other words: the students have to be prepared to study intensively and continuously additional to the lectures given at the University College. The examination at the end of the course (level 3) corresponds to the Norwegian Language Test, also called Bergenstesten, which is the minimum requirement for attending further studies taught in Norwegian at university level in Norway.

The course is divided into three teaching units (20 ects) or steps. Each step comprises approximately three months of daily classes. Each level concludes with a final exam. See the separate study plans for more information about the exams

Term 10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
Step I (20 ECTS) NOR-0032F
Step II (20 ECTS)
Step II (20 ECTS)
Step III (20 ECTS)

The candidate is expected to:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • have knowledge of Norways history, politics, culture and educational system
  • be able to find information about Norwegian society independently


  • be able to understand academic discussions and lectures
  • be able to read academic literature, journals, newspapers and other authentic texts
  • be able to use an active vocabulary of 3500-5000 words, and be familiar with the most common Norwegian idiomatic expressions
  • be able to speak Norwegian with a good pronunciation
  • know grammatical terminology, including sentence types and language functions
  • be able to communicate well in writing, and master the basic grammatical rules of Norwegian


  • gain an understanding of how studies are organized in Norway
  • have knowledge of Norwegian society and culture
  • be able to conduct studies in Norwegian

As a minimum applicants need to have a Higher Education Entrance Qualification from their home countries and certified language requirements in English. A list of the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway can be found on the web site from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). For language requirements we refer to NOKUT's GSU-list.
  • Only non-visa students are eligible for admission due to visa restrictions information from UDI Norwegian immigration authorities (UDI) will not grant a residence permit to students attending Norwegian courses. However applicants with a valid permanent residency in Norway such as asylum or family immigration permit may apply.
  • Online application code is 2062
Are you an international applicant? Read more here.

The teaching focuses on the basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The syllabus demands a fast progression from Step I to Step III.

The teaching alternates between large and small groups. Most teaching will be in seminar form, but includes exercises in a language laboratory and IT- and web based activities on platforms such as Class Fronter. The courses require a consistent and independent student effort, including compulsory class attendance every week. The teaching attaches great importance to oral production and writing skills, and demands active and attentive student participation. The supervised writing of texts is a central course element. Three written assignments per week. The assignments are approved by the course teacher. In order to qualify for an exam all assignments need to be passed. All classes are compulsory. Students with an absence rate of more than 20% do not qualify for internal testing and examination.

For information about step I, II, III, please see the individual course descriptions.

English and Norwegian.


Nymo, Torbjørn

Telefon: +4778450360

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