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BIO-2201 Bachelor's Thesis in Biology - 10 ECTS

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Type of course

This course is reserved for Bachelor students at the study program Biology.

The course is also available to exchange students at a biology study program.

Course overlap

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BIO-2203 Bachelor's Thesis in Biology 10 stp

Course content

The Bachelor Thesis intend to bring students into contact with issues and research within a certain discipline. It is very important that you as a students choose a topic that you are truly interested in. Writing a bachleor´s thesis requires a certain amount of independent effort. The thesis may consist of a literature review on previous research and/or practical/experimental work. It assumes knowledge from basic courses in biology, as well as knowledge in courses that are relevant to the field of study.


When writing a bachelor's thesis, you are entitled to a supervisor who is employed at the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology. It is the student's responsibility to find a supervisor, but the study administration can assist in getting in touch with subject staff within the discipline you want to write about.

Recommended prerequisites

BIO-1007 Quantitative Methods, BIO-1008 Evolusion, BIO-1103 Botany, BIO-1104 Zoology, BIO-1105 Introduction to Biology, BIO-2002 Animal Physiology, BIO-2004 Study design and data analysis in Biology, BIO-2016 Plant physiology, BIO-2017 Ecology, BIO-2018 Genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatics, MBI-1002 Cell- and molecular biology

Objectives of the course

The purpose of the thesis is that the student should learn how to:

  • apply the knowledge gained from the study
  • define a research topic
  • examine literature and scientific information research within a certain biological discipline
  • collect and examine relevant information
  • choose analysis method
  • create a readable presentation.


The structure of the thesis is practically the same as an article in a scientific journal, which is; Table of contents, Abstract, Introduction, (Methods), Results, Discussion, Conclusions, (Appendices) and References.

Language of instruction

English. The bachelor`s assignment may be written either in English or a Scandinavian language.

Teaching methods

Individual studies and supervision.

Expected workload for writing a 10 ECTS bachelor thesis varies between 250 to 300 hours.

Information to incoming exchange students

This course is available for inbound exchange students.

To attend this course you need knowledge from basic courses in biology, as well as knowledge in courses that are relevant to the field of study.

Do you have questions about this module? Please check the following website to contact the course coordinator for exchange students at the faculty:



Examination systems: Date: Grade scale:
Innlevering: 15.12.2022 kl. 13:00
A–E, fail F

More info about the assignment

Deadlines for handing in the bachelor`s assignment: June 1. (spring semester) and December 15. (autumn semester). Grades: A-F, F is failed.

The assignment should be approx. 20 pages including figures and tables.

Re-sit examination

Only if a bachelor's thesis project is graded "F" (fail), may the thesis be resubmitted in revised form. A new deadline for submission will be given. The deadline for resubmitting the thesis is normally 3 months from the point in time when the candidate was informed about the exam result.
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  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: BIO-2201