autumn 2022
GEO-3115 Petroleum geology - 10 ECTS

Application deadline

Applicants from countries within EU/EEA: June 1st for the autumn semester.

Exchange students and Fulbright students: 15 April for the autumn semester.

UiT students: September 1st for the autumn semester.

Type of course

This course is available as a single course.

Admission requirements

Bachelor's degree in geology, or a similar degree following a programme of study of at least three years, or similar education approved in accordance with the Norwegian Universities Act section 3-4. In addition, specialization in geology worth the equivalent of at least 80 ECTS credits is required. Normally, an average mark of C or better is required at the bachelor's degree level or other program for basis of admission.

Application code: 9371.

Obligatory prerequisites: Geo-1001 Innføring i Geologi (or similar).

Recommended prerequisites: GEO-2005 Sedimentologi, GEO-2002 Strukturgeologi, GEO-2007 Historisk og regional geologi, GEO-2006 Innføring i anvendt geofysikk.

Course content

This course gives an evaluation of conditions and processes involved in the generation and transformation of organic material in source rocks and the migration of these hydrocarbons to reservoir rocks. Geological conditions that are important for determining the location and production of petroleum are illuminated using actual examples.

Objectives of the course


The student has

  • knowledge of the basic concepts of petroleum geology.
  • knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of hydrocarbons.
  • understanding of the concept of a petroleum system.
  • understanding of the concepts of source, trap and reservoir.
  • understanding of the necessary geological conditions for generation, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons.
  • understanding of concepts of the maturation from play to prospect in hydrocarbon exploration.
  • understanding of the relation between field-, seismic- and well-data.


The student can

  • use geological knowledge in order to determine the possibility for the presence of source-, sealing- and reservoir-lithologies.
  • calculate volumes of a petroleum-prospect.
  • understand the elements applied to estimate the certainty that a trap contains hydrocarbons and determine risk-calculations for prospects with different data-coverage.

General competences

The student can

  • use data and literature to gain understanding of a petroleum system.
  • analyze a petroleum-geoscientific problem, and determine the necessary data necessary to solve the problem.
  • solve problems analytically and prompt in written English.
  • communicate results and analysis in written and oral form to scientists and fellow students
  • work independently and as a team.
  • carry out the most important elements of geological research projects: penetrating literature, interpreting and analyzing data, and communicating results in written and oral form to fellow students/scientists.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

60 hours of lectures/seminar and a 2 days excursion to Equinor, Harstad.

Information to incoming exchange students

This course is open for inbound exchange student who meets the admission requirements, including prerequisites. Please see the Admission requirements" and the "Prerequisite" sections for more information.

Do you have questions about this course?  Please check the following website to contact the course coordinator for exchange students at the faculty:



Examination: Weighting: Duration: Grade scale:
Portfolio 6/10 A–E, fail F
Oral exam 4/10 1 Hours A–E, fail F
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Re-sit examination

There is no access to a re-sit examination in this course.
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