spring 2022
SOK-3901 Master's Thesis in Economics - 30 ECTS

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Type of course

This course can not be taken as a singular course.

Course content

To complete the degree of Master in Economics a dissertation must be written on a relevant topic. The topic is decided upon by the student in consultation with an academic supervisor, and must be approved by the School of Business and Economics.  The dissertation is to be completed in a single term and must be delivered within a pre-specified deadline. A member of the academic staff supervises the dissertation work, but emphasis is placed upon the fact that this is an independent piece of work.

Objectives of the course

The aim of thesis is to produce a written dissertation in which economic principles and theory are applied to a specified topic. The topic will usually be chosen by the student and has to be approved by the School of Business and Economics. Two master's students can get together to write a thesis

After completing the thesis, students will have the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Students will gain knowledge and understanding in a limited area within the economic field.
  • Students will have developed their ability to work with a particular theme in a professional manner in a limited period of time.


  • Be able to develop a research design and make a choice of methods
  • Be able to conduct theoretical and / or empirical analysis based on their own material and convey the results in a scientifically acceptable form.


  • Be able to plan and carry out minor research projects
  • Could relate to the literature on a research field
  • Could consider methodological and theoretical assumptions of scientific inquiry
  • Be able to communicate the results of their own and others' research.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods



Course requirement:

Presentation of the Master's Thesis. The presentation of the thesis will be held medio April and may be arranged as a conference. Each presentation is given 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for questions.  


Candidates should normally have passed all other subjects before submitting the final thesis. Examination Commission consists of at least one external examiner and an internal examiner. The final grade is determined by the scale A - E with F as fail. The deadline for submission of the Master's thesis is June 1st (spring term) by 3 pm in Munin, and December 1st (autumn term) by 3pm in Munin. There are two ordinary submission deadlines during the academic year. You may submit your thesis before the deadline, but it will not be assessed until after the deadline.

Applications for postponed submission of the Master's thesis: The deadlines are May 1st (spring semester) and November 1st (autumn semester). A three-month postponement of the submission deadline may be granted if an application stating the grounds is submitted by May 1st/Nov. 1st. For students who do not have a medical certificate or compelling grounds, the submission deadline will be postponed for one semester at a time. In case of absence due to illness of 1-3 weeks, the submission deadline is postponed for an equivalent period of time.

Language of examination is English.


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  • ECTS: 30
  • Course code: SOK-3901