autumn 2021
DTE-2503 Programming for Mobile Devices 2 - 10 ECTS

Last changed 30.03.2022

Application deadline

June 1st 

Type of course

This course can be taken as a single subject course

Admission requirements

General study qualification with Mathematics R1+R2 and Physics FYS1. Application code: 9391

Course content

The course is aimed at the development of advanced mobile applications that utilize and use external components (mobile sensors included), using modern / current programming languages, frameworks, techniques, and tools. With a focus on applying various communication technologies, as well as using algorithms and techniques for filtering data. Topics of interest include:

  • Advanced application development using Android as a platform and Android Studio as a development environment
  • Sensor technology and IoT
  • Advanced communication protocols
  • Security mechanisms (related to communication)
  • Sustainable solutions (energy minimization and efficient applications / services)

Objectives of the course

Learning outcomes, skills, and attitudes

On completion of this course the successful student is expected to have the following:


The student has knowledge about:

  • Advanced application development in Android Studio
  • Communication protocols such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with respect to:
    • Server based communication
    • Connection, pairing and transferring data between different units
  • Filtering algorithms and data structures
    • Among others, Kalman filters
    • Vectors and matrices in orientation and position related problems
  • Positioning and map-based services
    • Calculation of path/routes and grading of given trails


The student has acquired skills within:

  • Android studio and development of advanced mobile applications
  • Use of external APIs for different purposes, i.e. maps and communication
  • Use internal components in a mobile phone (i.e. sensors, microphone, sound, light, …) in application development
  • Communication between different entities, i.e. using Bluetooth
  • Using both integrated hardware and software solutions in Android applications
  • Positioning and orientation using among others; gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and maps

General competence

After completion the student will have:

  • Acquired sufficient subject terminology to be able to participate in professional discussions within the subject area for advanced application development.
  • Acquired sufficient subject terminology to be able to participate in professional discussions related to current tools and methods for application development with various communication protocols.
  • Can impart knowledge related to tools and methods for application development.
  • Knowledge of planning and implementation of major programming projects, both alone and as a participant in a group.
  • Must be able to develop applications with perspectives related to security as well as energy-minimalization solutions.
  • Knowledge of the ethical consequences of technological choices and solutions.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

In this course lectures will be given, combined with guided self-study. Also working with technical reports, project work and course related assignments.

Information to incoming exchange students

This course is available for inbound exchange students.

There are no academic prerequisites to add this module in your Learning Agreement.Nevertheless, please see recommended prerequisites.

Bachelor Level

Do you have questions about this module?  Please check the following website to contact the course coordinator for exchange students at the faculty:

Deadline: 15th April


Mandatory assignments

  • A total of 4 mandatory assignments where all must be submitted and passed.
  • Compulsory submissions are presented and submitted as video recordings, via online meeting or in classrooms

Exam and evaluation

  • An overall assessment/evaluation resulting into one letter grade A-F is given based on 2 project assignments. Each of the project assignments must be submitted before the deadline and presented orally. 

  • About the course
  • Campus: Narvik | Nettbasert | Annet | Online |
  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: DTE-2503