spring 2021
SIK-2001 Risk analysis of engineering systems - 10 ECTS

Last changed 11.08.2021

Type of course

Technical course. The course may be taken as a singular course. 9391.

Admission requirements

 Kode 9391

Course overlap

SM210 Risk analysis 10 stp
SVF-2103 Risk Analysis 10 stp

Course content

Key concepts: risk, vulnerability, reliability, uncertainty.

Theories: Critical evaluation of theories and methods of risk analysis, Analyses in different phases, Acceptance criteria for risk (relative to personnel, the environment and economic values). Planning and implementation of risk and vulnerability analysis: purpose, analysis group, scheduling, communication, documentation, hazard identification, root cause analysis, impact analysis, the use of empirical data, risk calculation, etc. The decision process. Economic aspects, cost / benefit analysis, ALARP.

Introduction to reliability anlysis, The most commonly used distributions for product life and their applications,  System reliability and reliability block diagrams (RBDs)

Objectives of the course


The candidate has knowledge of the concept of risk and different theories and methods of risk analysis and management.


The candidate can plan and implement various methods of risk analysis in conjunction with the technical engineering systems.

General competence:

The candidate has insight into risk, vulnerability, reliability, uncertainty and how identifies risks to health, safety and environment.

The candidate can use empirical data in risk calculations.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Around 38 hours of lectures 10 hours seminars /and exercises

Group project.


Project report (25%) 4 hours written exam (75%)

Both parts must be passed. The grades A-F.

The re-sit exam will be offered to students who have not passed - or have legitimate absence at the last ordinary examination in the following semester. The re-sit exam may be changed from a written to an oral exam.


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  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: SIK-2001