autumn 2018

TEK-3008 Marine Engineering - 10 ECTS

Sist endret: 01.03.2019

The course is provided by

Faculty of Science and Technology


Tromsø |

Type of course

The course may be taken as a singular course

Admission requirements

Opptakskode 9371

Course content

  • Introduction to hydrodynamics, linear wave theory and calculation of wave forces on marine structures and pipelines. Both static and dynamic evaluations are carried out and extreme values are being calculated.
  • Introduction to wind and wind loads
  • Principles for the dimensioning of structures.
  • Stability of floating structures an introduction to the design of offshore pipelines.
  • Realistic design of fixed space frame offshore structures

Recommended prerequisites

STA-2001 Stochastic Processes

Objectives of the course


The student:

  • will be able to explain basic definition, concept and theoretical fundament of marine engineering.
  • will be able to understand and analysis of waves and forces from waves on marine structures.
  • will be able to understand and analysis of wind and forces from wind on structures exposed to wind load.
  • will be able to understand of dynamic effects related to marine structures.
  • will be able to understand a realistic design of marine structures.



The student:

  • will be able to carry out and make use of existing knowledge and theories of marine engineering in a real situations.
  • will be able to develop plans for collection of data and analysis of dynamic effect related to marine structures.
  • will be able to illustrate principles for dimensioning of structures and  how to analysis and control the floating stability of marine floating structures.



The students:

  • will be able to utilize marine engineering theories to identify and analysis of technical solutions for use in the marine environment.
  • will be able to reflect on their professional practice, work in groups, manage report writing, presentation, and  function in a multi-disciplinary team.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Lectures, project and home exercise.


 4-hour written exam. Letter grading A - F.

Date for examination

Written 03.12.2018

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced in the StudentWeb early in May and early in November.


Recommended reading/syllabus

The syllabus will be presented in the beginning of the course.