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FYS-2016 Bachelor's Thesis in Physics - 20 ECTS

Sist endret: 18.05.2020

Type of course

The subject is normally only given to Bachelor's degree students in physics and teacher students in "Lektorutdanning 8-13 trinn" with specialization in physics, but may on request be available as a singular subject.

The project has to be approved by the Programme Board. Application for approval must be submitted to the Programme Board within a deadline, which is normally 1 September in the autumn semester and 1 February in the spring semester. Students apply by handing in a supervision contract along with a project description. Students must register to the exam as for ordinary courses.

Course content

The course may consist of one or more of the following:

  • theoretical studies
  • practical or experimental work
  • programming or computer simulations

The course may additionally contain elements of topics in physics education.

A written thesis must be handed in. All research groups at the Department of Physics and Technology offer different projects according to capacity. The dimension of the submitted thesis should reflect a workload of 20 ECTS credits.

Objectives of the course

Knowledge - The student will be able to:

  • knowledge in one physics related theme relevant for the project
  • knowledge of methods applied in the project work
  • a broad knowledge of the scientific area that the project is related to
  • knowledge of designing a scientific project


Skills - The student will be able to:

  • identify relevant scientific problems within the theme the students has chosen
  • identify and analyze literature and methods which are relevant for the theme
  • work with a limited problem within the theme chosen by the student
  • apply methods used within the project
  • evaluate obtained results in the project and suggest other solutions
  • document and communicate the results from the project paper in a systematic/scientific manner
  • plan and execute a project at bachelor's level


General expertise - The student will be able to:

  • display good communication skills in writing
  • understand the code of ethics and rules of conduct in scientific work
  • work both independently and in cooperation with the supervisor

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English or a Scandinavian language. The project paper can be written in English or a Scandinavian language

Teaching methods

Individual guidance and supervision according to agreement and of one semester duration. Maximum workload for the supervisor is 20 hours, you will receive supervision within these limits.


The thesis is performed individually and the exam is comprised of submission of the project paper.

The deadline for submission is normally 1 June in the spring semester and 15 December autumn semester. Grading scale: "Pass" / "Fail".

Re-sit exam: If a paper is graded "Fail", may the paper be resubmitted in revised form. New deadline for submission will be 4 weeks from the point in time when the candidate was informed about the exam result. If the project paper receives the grade "Fail" a second time, the student can apply to the Programme Board for a new project.

Postponed submission: If a medical certificate is provided, the candidate may be given a postponed deadline for submitting the project paper according to regulations in section 21 of Regulations for examinations at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

For further information, see:

- Utfyllende bestemmelser for prosjektoppgaver og spesialpensum ved NT-fak (in Norwegian only)

- Regulations for examinations at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway.


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