autumn 2020
FYS-3810 Individual special curriculum - Master's degree - 10 ECTS

Sist endret: 16.05.2020

Type of course

Master level course for physics students. The course is not available as a singular course.

Application for approval of a special curriculum must be submitted to the department for approval by September 1st /February 1st.

Course content

The course content varies and is spesified in the application the student and the supervisor submits to the department administration. The course can have a theoretical or practical content, or a combination of both. 

Objectives of the course

Available on request.

Language of instruction

Norwegian or English by request

Teaching methods

The course has multiple teaching approaches.


The exam form varies.

Assessment scale: Letter grades A-F (F-fail)

Re-sit examination (section 22): There is no access to a re-sit examination in this course. 


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  • Studiested: Tromsø |
  • Studiepoeng: 10
  • Emnekode: FYS-3810