spring 2020
FSK-3910 Master's Thesis in International Fisheries Management - 30 ECTS

Sist endret: 14.10.2019

Type of course

Theoretical subject.

Admission requirements

Master's thesis is not open for any other students than the programstudents at IFM. A prerequisite for taking this final exam, is a pass in all courses in the IFM program.

Course content

Students are required to do a two-month period of fieldwork in their home country in association with their Master thesis.Students are free to choose the topic of their thesis, provided that adequate supervision can be given in that subject. It is considered advantageous that the dissertation concerns a topic related to the students home country, or with direct application there. The maintenance of links with professional environments in the home country is therefore emphasised. A typical thesis will be a desk-top assignment consisting of e.g.a literature survey or review, a policy document, a problem-oriented model based on secondary data, or any other theme requiring a limited amount of field or experimental work.

Objectives of the course

By completing a master's degree, students will gain experience in research and project work. Students will also acquire a deeper understanding of a particular field of interest within the subject area, as well as developing the skills required to review a topic critically and with a satisfactory level of theory and methodology. In addition, students will gain skills in the organization and carrying out of a substantial piece of research, learn to pose relevant questions and use appropriate methodology, as well as obtaining competency in project work and problem solving. Writing skills will also be significantly developed throughout the process.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.

Teaching methods

Students will be assigned a contact person from within the specialist teachers. A supervisor will be assigned once a thesis topic is selected. Supervision will be given individually. Students have the right to supervision for one semester.


Thesis and an oral exam.  The grading scale is A-F, where A-E is passed, and F is failed.

The thesis has to be handed in 15 May.

There will not be arranged a re-sit exam for this course.


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