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autumn 2019

FSK-8002 Communicating Science Module 1: Scientific writing - 3 ECTS

Sist endret: 27.02.2020

The course is provided by

Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics


Tromsø |

Application deadline

PhD students at UiT apply for admission in Studentweb by 1 September.

Other applicants apply for admission in Søknadsweb by 1 September. Application code 9305

Type of course

Multi-disciplinary course. The course can be taken as a singular course.

Admission requirements

PhD students or holders of a Norwegian master´s degree of five years or 3+ 2 years (or equivalent) may be admitted. PhD students must upload a document from their university stating that there are registered PhD students. This group of applicants does not have to prove English proficiency and are exempt from semester fee.

Holders of a Master´s degree must upload a Master´s Diploma with Diploma Supplement / English translation of the diploma. Applicants from listed countries must document proficiency in English. To find out if this applies to you see the following list:http://www.nokut.no/Documents/NOKUT/Artikkelbibliotek/Utenlandsk_utdanning/GSUlista/2016/GSU_list_English_14112016.pdfhttp://www.nokut.no/Documents/NOKUT/Artikkelbibliotek/Utenlandsk_utdanning/GSUlista/2016/GSU_list_English_14112016.pdf

Proficiency in English must be documented - list of countries

For more information on accepted English proficiency tests and scores, as well as exemptions from the English proficiency tests, please see the following document:https://uit.no/Content/254419/PhD_EnglishProficiency_100913.pdfhttps://uit.no/Content/254419/PhD_EnglishProficiency_100913.pdf

Proficiency in English - PhD level studies

This course is aimed at PhD students and researchers from all scientific disciplines, but is open for others. If you aim to include the credits from the course in your 30 mandatory PhD ECTS you should discuss it with both your supervisor and your faculty.

The course will be cancelled if less than 20 participants.

Course content

Through lectures and assignments, the course will give basic skills in writing, reviewing and publishing scientific articles. Some of the practical exercises include text editing, peer-reviewing, assigning authorship and evaluating journals. Prior to the course, you are asked to submit draft of one of your own manuscripts. This manuscript will be the basis for many of the assignments and the groupwork. In the groupwork, ca. four students with similar scientific background will work regularly together on each other´s manuscripts over a whole month, with access to a mentor. Each student´s manuscript will be constructively reviewed by all members of the group. The aim is to significantly improve your own manuscripts.

See updated information at High North Academy

Recommended prerequisites

GEN-8001 Take Control of your PhD Journey: from (P)reflection to Publishing

Objectives of the course


  • communicate research in written format (including tables and figures)
  • know the structure of a scientific article and the writing process
  • know the guidelines and practices behind authorship
  • know the peer-review criteria in evaluating manuscripts
  • know the publishing process


  • prepare and present research results in written format in an understandable way
  • learn to give constructive feed-back to your peers on their writing
  • refine your scientific English skills
  • peer-review of manuscript
  • evaluation of potential journals to publish in

General competence:

  • evaluate and edit your own and others scientific text
  • reflect on your role as an author in presenting and publishing your scientific work
  • understand the relationship between knowledge and communicating knowledge

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Lectures, practical exercises, and group work.

Course dates:

  • Deadline for pre-work manuscript delivery: early October 2019
  • Lectures in mid-October 2019
  • Deadline for delivery of revised manuscript (group work): mid-November 2019
  • Deadline for delivery of peer-review (exam): end of November 2019
  • Group-work schedule decided by the groups themselves (together about 40 hours)


Home exam: peer-review of a manuscript. Evaluation: Pass/Fail

Coursework requirements: Submission of manuscript draft prior to course, Minimum 80% participation on lectures and seminars, active participation in the group work and submission of revised manuscript draft..

Re sit exam: There will not be arranged a re-sit exam.

Date for examination

Take-home assignment hand out date 25.11.2019 hand in date 02.12.2019

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced in the StudentWeb early in May and early in November.


Course overlap

HEL-8026 Scientific Writing and Publishing in Health Sciences 1 stp

Ingjerd - Branno.png

Nilsen, Ingjerd Gauslaa

Rådgiver, ph.d.-utdanningen
Telefon: +4777646018 ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no


Gerecht, Andrea Cornelia

Telefon: +4777644387 andrea.gerecht@uit.no


PhD students enrolled at UiT register for the course through StudentWeb

Other applicants apply for admission through SøknadsWeb. Choose the application code 9305 and write the course code (FSK-8002) in the remark field. You'll find a manual for SøknadsWeb here.

Remember to upload documentation of your education or your status as a PhD student. Applicants who can document their status as a PhD student are exempt to pay the semester fee.