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BIO-8604 Marine bioprospecting and bioactive compounds for health - 5 stp

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Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics


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Application deadline

PhD students registered to PhD program at UiT: Apply for admission by registering for class in StudentWeb before 10 January 2017.

PhD students from other institutions: Apply for admission through SøknadsWeb. Application code 9304 before 1 December 2016. Remember to state which course you apply for.

You also need to register for the conference Bioprosp_2017. Early bird registration for the conference is before December 1.

Contact Ingjerd Gauslaa Nilsen (Ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no) at the BFE-faculty if you have troubles or questions regarding registration to the course.

Type of course

The Ph.D. course in Marine bioprospecting and bioactive compounds for health is multidisciplinary. Can be taken as an individual course. This course is linked to the conference Bioprosp_2017, and you need to register as an attendant of the conference. Bioprosp_2017

Admission requirements

Maximum number of participants: 20.

The applicants must document that they are registered this semester at their home university or at a minimum, document that they have finished the master degree. External students must remember to upload certified documentation of education, and if relevant, documentation of their status as a PhD student/student to SøknadsWeb. Confirmation of student status should be from your home student administration. Confirmation from your supervisor or copy of award letter is not considered as valid documentation.

Early bird registration 1. October - December 1!
Contact Klara Stensvåg (klara.stensvag@uit.no) for Early bird information.

Course contents

The Phd course in Marine bioprospecting and bioactive compounds for health is multidisciplinary. It will be a mixture of preconference lectures (some online), a preconference workshop, practical sessions, and seminars with discussions. Part of this course is going on at the same time as the conference Bioprosp_2017 and the conference and one preconference is included in the course. The topics covered are in these areas:
  • Marine bioresources available for drug discovery and bioprospecting
  • The Marine Biodiscovery Pipeline
  • Overview of different methods used in drug discovery, spending from bioassay guided purifications, genetic approaches and virtual approaches
  • Different techniques and approaches;  how to purify components, solve structures and measure activity for instance in high throughput screening, peptidomics
  • Challenges and casestudies of lead development
  • Legal aspects
  • Topics given at the conference and pre-conference workshop
  • Practical sessions with demonstrations

Objective of the course

The students should be able to

  • Describe different bioprospecting methods that is focused on in the course and particularly well the bioassay guided purification pipeline.
  • Master the basic knowledge of the possibilities of marine bioprospecting and have overview of challenges and ways to overcome them.

The students should be able to

  • Understand experimental methods used in bioprospecting
  • Understand information of novel natural products, structures, bioactivity and ways to evaluate the potential use
  • Apply multidisciplinary aspects to understand the complexity of developing novel products from natural sources

General competence
The students should be able to

  • demonstrate analytical thinking by critically evaluate a scientific article and proposing possible research questions, and designing suitable research strategies for answering the questions.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

  • The Bioprosp_2017 conference will be held 8. - 10. March 2017.
  • The course will be held in Week 9-10, from March 2.-10. 2017.
  • Some of the lectures will be held online in March.
  • Lecturers will be Professor Klara Stensvåg, Professor Marcel Jaspars, University of Aberdeen, UK, Associate professor Bengt Erik Haug, University of Bergen, Professor Jeanette Hammer Andersen, Marbio, Uit and Associate professor Tor Haug, UiT.

There will be a mixture of lectures and hands on practical activities at different bioprospecting facilities, workshops and the Bioprosp_2017 conference.


A presentation on a set subject linked to bioprospecting relevant for the course. The title must be approved and prepared before the course.

Evaluation; pass or fail

Re-sit: A re-sit exam will be arranged next semester.


Recommended reading/syllabus

Everything that is presented and literature uploaded on Fronter. More information will be given by the contact person.

Ingjerd - Branno.png

Nilsen, Ingjerd Gauslaa

Telefon: +4777646018 ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no

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Klara Stensvåg

Professor/ marin bioteknologi
Telefon: +4777644512
Mobil: 41239918 klara.stensvag@uit.no

Extended application deadline

The deadline for applying in Søknadsweb is extended to February 1 2017 (application code 9306). The deadline for PhD students at UiT is also extended to Februarty 1.