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BIO-2203 Bachelor's Thesis in Biology - 20 ECTS

Sist endret: 28.03.2017

Application deadline

Exchange students and Fulbright students: 1 October for the spring semester and 15 April for the autumn semester.

Type of course

This course is reserved for bachelorstudents at the studyprogram: Biologi, klima og miljø and Miljøledelse og forurensningsbiologi and lektorutdanning med biologi som studieretning. The course is also available to exchange students at a biology study program.

Admission requirements

The course requires basic knowledge in biology and ecology at university level. Basic knowledge in chemistry and mathematics is an advantage.

International applicants: Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English. A list of the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway can be found on the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education website - nokut.no  

Course content

The bachelor thesis intend to bring students into contact with issues and research within a certain discipline. It is very important that you as a students choose a topic that you are truly interested in. Writing a bachleor´s thesis requires a certain amount of independent effort. The thesis may consist of a literarure review on previous research and/or practical/experimental work. It assumes knowledge of basic courses in biology, as well as knowledge in courses that are relevant to the field of study.

Recommended prerequisites

BIO-1002 Zoology, BIO-1003 Botany, BIO-1004 Physiology, BIO-1005 Ecology and Evolution, MBI-1001 Cell and molecular biology

Objectives of the course

The purpose of the thesis is that the student should learn how to:

  • apply the knowledge gained from the study
  • define a research topic
  • examine literature and scientific information research within a certain biological discipline
  • collect and examine relevant information
  • choose analysis method
  • create a readable presentation. The structure of the thesis is practically the same as an article in a scientific journal, which is; Table of contents, Abstract, Introduction, (Methods), Discussion, Conclusions, (Appendices) and References.

Language of instruction

English. The bachelor`s assignment may be written either in English or a Scandinavian language.

Teaching methods

Individual studies and supervision.

a href="https://uit.no/Content/430391/Guidelines%20for%20writing%20a%20bachelor%20thesis%20at%20the%20Department%20of%20arctic%20and%20marine%20biology.pdf ">Guidelines for writing a bachelor thesis


Deadlines for handing in the bachelor`s assignment: June 1 (spring semester) and December 15. (autumn semester). Grades: A-F, F is failed.

The assignment should be:

  • approx. minimum 30 pages including figures and tables when writing a literature review.
  • approx. minimum 30 pages including figures and tables when the thesis is a practical/experimental work.


Course overlap

BIO-2203 Bachelor's Thesis in Biology 20 stp

Recommended reading/syllabus

The student are responsible to find litterature relevant for the thesis. The student will also get guidance from the supervisor finding relevant litterature.Guidelines for writing a bachelor thesis
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