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Septentrio Academic Publishing at the University Library of Tromsø has the pleasure of announcing the launch of the new journal Borealis: An international journal of Hispanic linguistics.


Borealis: An international journal of Hispanic linguistics is born with the double goal of providing a venue for the publication and discussion of research results on all areas of Contemporary Hispanic linguistics and giving researchers easy access to high quality articles dealing with some of the most crucial unresolved issues about the Spanish language. Borealis publishes papers both in theoretical and applied linguistics about all varieties of Spanish. Many high quality papers on Spanish are frequently published in paper-based journals that are frequently difficult to access, expensive to get, or both. Being an open access, internet-based publication, we hope to help keep the debates on the field active and get researchers that otherwise would not be able to follow or participate in these debates involved in new developments, theories and data. 

This is the sixth journal we operate, but the first to be launched as a new, open access e-only journal. With the launch of this journal, we also implement DOIs for the first time, with a view to implement DOIs in our older journals over time.

Go to the journal Borealis: An international journal of Hispanic linguistics

Ansvarlig for siden: Jan Erik Frantsvåg
Sist endret: 07.08.2012

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