Towards transdiciplinary research: How could academia and a non-profit volunteering organization work together?

Målgruppe: studenter, ansatte
Studiested: Tromsø
Ansvarlig: Melania Borit
Opprettet: 24.11.18 07:35

Transdisciplinary projects integrate both academic researchers from different unrelated disciplines and non-academic participants, such as land managers and the public, to research a common goal and create new knowledge and theory. Transdisciplinarity combines interdisciplinarity with a participatory approach. Join this seminar for a discussion on how a non-profit volunteering organisation contributes through research to a better understanding of our society and how scientists could collaborate with the civil society in addressing the societal challenges of today.

Speaker: Piotr Sadowski, Volunteering Matters, UK, and Volonteurope.

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