ARTIC MODERNITIES - an international interdisciplinary conference


The conference venue will be the HSL building on the UiT campus. Keynote lectures and wrap up sessions will be held in auditorium E-0.101 and parallel sessions in auditorium E-0.101 (sessions A) and lecture rooms E-0.103 (sessions B), E-0.104 (sessions C) and E-0.105 (sessions D).



Tuesday 16 September

0900-0930: Registration, coffee/tea
0930-1000: Opening by Sonni Olsen, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Welcome by project leader Anka Ryall
1000-1100: Keynote lecture 
Professor Susanna Frank, Humboldt University, Berlin
"Arctic Ice and Permafrost as a Literary Motif and Its Anthropological Implications (the Example of Soviet and Post-Soviet Literature)"
1100-1130: Coffee/tea
1130-1300: Parallel sessions 1:
A) Future Arctic
B) Toward a Non-Environmental History of the Arctic?
C) Indigenous Representations – Arctic Primitivism?
1300-1400: Lunch
1400-1430 A presentation, invitation and installation (E-0.101)Kate Maxwell, University of Agder, Norway:
"The Color of Snowflakes"
1445-2345: Excursion by bus and ferry to Skjervøy with return to Tromsø by Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten), including dinner on board



Wednesday 17 september

1000-1100: Keynote lecture 
Dr Monica Kristensen, author and explorer
"Polar Heroism: Gender, Taboos and Death Cults in Polar Explorations"
1100-1130: Coffee/tea
1130-1300: Parallel sessions 2:
A) Climate Change and Gender
B) Arctic Travel and Its Transformations
C) Modernity and the Fenno-Sacndinavian Arctic
1300-1400: Lunch
1400-1530: Parallel sessions 3:
A) Aerial Arctic
B) Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Technology in the Arctic
C) Gendered Travel in Greenland
1530-1600: Coffee/tea
1600-1730: Parallel sessions 4:
A) Indigenity and Technologies of Self-Representation
B) Arctic Space and Gendered Fantasies
C) Ecology and Animal-Human Relationships
1900-2000: Reception at the Art Museum of Northern Norway (Nordnorsk kunstmuseum), Sjøgata 1, with guided tour of the exhibit "Peder Balke: Vision and Revolution"



Thursday 18 September

0900-1000: Keynote lecture (E-0.101)
Professor Michael Bravo, Scott Polar Research Institute
"The Craft of Orientation and the Making of Arctic Spaces"
1000-1030: Coffee/tea
1030-1200: Parallel sessions 5:
A) Photography and Indigeneity
B) Ecology and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault
C) Arctic Modernity, Arctic Nostalgia
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1430: Parallel sessions 6:
A) Arctic Space and Fictional settings
B) Renegotiating Arctic Masculinities
C) Indigeneity in the Russian North
1430-1500: Coffee/tea
1500-1630: Parallel sessions 7:
A) Arctic Cinematic (Post-) Modernities
B) Arctic Modernity and Material Practices
C) The Ends of the World?
1630-1700 Coffee/tea
1700-1745: Wrap-up session 
1800-2100 Farewell party at Árdna

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