TODOS summer party and elections

Dear PhDs and Postdocs at UiT!

The TODOS summer party, general assembly and elections are coming on June 9th at 17.00! (scroll down for more information about the elections and the available board positions)

In Tromsø

The general assembly and elections will place on June 9th from 17.00 at E101, NFH building
After the formal assembly, we will go out to have BBQ on campus. TODOS provides food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. Please register here by June 3rd, so we roughly know how much food to bring 😊

In Alta, Harstad and Narvik

The general assembly and elections will place on June 9th from 17.00
The local representative organizes a room, and TODOS provides pizza (from Peppes Pizza and depending on the number of signed up people). Please sign up here by June 3rd, so we know how many want to participate on the respective campuses. If there are enough people who have signed up, you will receive another e-mail where you can choose what kind of pizza and drink you’d like 😊

If you can’t meet in person…

…you’re welcome to join us online.


TODOS needs YOU!

There are three board member positions available for the elections in June – and here are six great reasons why YOU should join TODOS:

  1. Experience – we guarantee you a lot of exciting activities and events that will expand your experiences!
  2. Networking – TODOS connects people! You will make new friends!
  3. Contributing your ideas – you can represent yourself to other PhDs/postdocs and the university through the TODOS board!
  4. Get to know the university – how they work, the structures, and the people!
  5. Compensation – every board member is awarded compensation equal to 25,000NOK. This can be a contract extension, fewer teaching duty hours, or an addition to your annum (your project money)
  6. Build your CV!


All positions on the TODOS board are always elected for one year at a time. We highly encourage candidates from campuses outside Tromsø to consider running for positions to ensure that their views are represented!
This June, the following positions are up for election:

Vice Chair

Represents TODOS in the absence of Board Chair

Is the primary contact for all campuses outside Tromsø

Keeps track of documents on the shared drive

Supports other board members if needed

This position works well for candidates from the non-Tromsø campuses

Chair of Social Affairs

Responsible for organization of social events, such as bi-annual cabin trip, social gatherings in Tromsø, bi-annual assemblies, weekend writing retreats and more

 Chair of Communications

Responsible for all forms of communication between TODOS and others

Responsible for keeping online representations (Facebook, webpage, etc.) and info material updated

This position works well for candidates from the non-Tromsø campuses

We look forward to a great summer party and general assembly, and hope to see many of you there!


The TODOS board

Når: 09. juni 2022 kl. 17.00–19.00
Hvor: Tromsø (NFH-E101); Alta; Harstad; Narvik
Studiested: Digitalt, Tromsø, Alta, Harstad, Narvik
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter
Kontakt: TODOS
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