Disputas - Master i marinbiologi Margrete Emblemsvåg

Master of marine biology Margrete Emblemsvåg (NFH) will Wednesday 6 April 2022 at 12:15 defend her thesis for the PhD degree in Natural Science:

"Climate warming impact on the deep demersal fish community East of Greenland"


Evaluation Committee

  • Richard DM Nash, CEFAS – Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, Suffolk, UK (1. opponent)
  • Associate Professor Katja Enberg, University of Bergen (2. opponent)
  • Associate Professor Arve Lynghammar, Norwegian College of Fisheries Science (internal member and leader of the committee)



  • Associate Professor Raul Primicerio, Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
  • Researcher Dr Ismael Nunes-Riboni, Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany
  • Chief Executive Officer Dr Agnes Christine Gundersen, Møreforskning
  • Researcher Dr Ole Thomas Albert, Institute of Marine Research

Streaming site

Both the defense and the trial lecture will be streamed and recorded from panopto: 



The thesis is available through Munin: Climate warming impact on the deep demersal fish community East of Greenland (uit.no)


The disputation will be led by Vice dean Mette Talseth Solnørdal

Når: 06. april 2022 kl. 12.15–15.00
Hvor: Store auditorium (E-101), Norges fiskerihøgskole
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, inviterte, enhet
Kontakt: Ingjerd Gauslaa Nilsen
Telefon: 776 46018
E-post: ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no
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