The replication crisis in science : where are we in 2021?

Open lecture with professor Nigel Yoccoz

The replication crisis in science : where are we in 2021?

The replication crisis was first described in the early 2010s in psychological and medical sciences, and linked to a crisis of confidence in results published in the scientific literature. Different factors contributed to this crisis, such as the failure to replicate a large number of well-known studies in psychology, and more methodological considerations that led the medical statistician Ioannidis to conclude in 2005 that “most published research findings are false” (this paper has been cited more than 9,500 times). More recently, the “questionable research practices” that appear to be linked to the lack of replicability have been described as widespread in many disciplines, from economics to ecology and evolution. The different meanings of replication have also been emphasized, and its general relevance to research questioned. I will provide examples from some of the recent discussion of replicability and explore how it can or should affect our daily research practice.


Nigel G. Yoccoz is professor of statistical ecology at AMB. He has been teaching and working on the use and misuse of statistical methods in ecology and evolution since the 1990s. His research interests cover evolution of life-history traits to dynamics of Arctic ecosystems.


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