Q & A: Research data management – Ask us! (Zoom)

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Do you have questions about how to structure, store, share, search or cite research data?
Are you in doubt about licenses, agreements and rights of research data?
Do you have a question about your data management plan?
Or anything related to research data management?

Join our Q&A and ask us anything you want to know about research data and its management! Teachers from the UiT RDM webinar series will be present to (try to) answer your questions.
This Q&A session will be informal, and we can answer both general questions or more specific questions. You can drop-in and ask your question or attend the entire session. Everyone can join, whether you attended one or more of our seminars or none.

For more information about research data management at UiT, see the UiT Research Data Portal.


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Når: 06. november 2020 kl. 12.15–14.00
Hvor: Zoom
Studiested: Digitalt
Målgruppe: ansatte, studenter
Kontakt: Helene N. Andreassen
Telefon: 77645735

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