Research data and agreements (Zoom)

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This webinar is for employees at UiT who work with research projects involving several parties, internally at the institution or externally. The aim of the webinar is to provide researchers and research administration with an overview of the regulations and types of agreements that we must relate to in research collaboration, with a particular focus on research data. The webinar gives an overview of how different agreements can be used such that all relevant parties ensure ownership and use of data, as well as safeguard other rights and fulfil their duties. This applies to both large externally and internally funded projects, and smaller projects that are economically part of daily operations. 


The webinar further focuses on agreements for sharing of data that are contracted prior to the start of the project, for example confidentiality and intention agreements. It also emphasises agreements with clauses on IPR and transfer of rights in externally funded projects, and how UiT can facilitate fulfilment of potential commitments to collaborating entities. In addition, the webinar deals with internal matters: agreements with master students, phd-students, guest researchers, participants in externally funded projects.  


There will be plenty of time questions, comments, and discussion. 


For more information about research data management at UiT, see the UiT Research Data Portal


The webinar is hosted by Svetlana P. Johansen and Aysa Ekanger



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Når: 04. november 2020 kl. 12.15–13.30
Hvor: Zoom
Studiested: Online
Målgruppe: ansatte, studenter
Kontakt: Helene N. Andreassen
Telefon: 77645735

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