Prøveforelesning Hilde Brox

Cand.philol. Hilde Marie Brox holder prøveforelesning over oppgitt emne for ph.d-graden

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Why won't they take them on? A study on student teachers' first-time engagement with wiki technology



"Digital transformation of teacher education: ethical and methodological challenges in digital innovation work"


Populærvitenskapelig sammendrag av avhandlingen:
The topic of the dissertation is the use of wikis in teacher education. The study is based on two classroom interventions where student teachers wrote on wikis for the first time. Students of Social studies created a Wikipedia article together, while students of Norwegian made their own fiction-based, class-only wiki. The study is concerned with how the student teachers engage with, make sense of, and assess the pedagogical value of wikis. Data was gathered through a survey, students’ logs and response texts, individual interviews, field notes, and the wikis’ records of user activities. 

The data shows that the students, having little or no previous knowledge of wikis, quickly master editing and discover how wikis like Wikipedia are created and maintained. Morover, they begin to perceive technology in different terms. Popular, instrumentalist and determinist notions of technology are challenged as they begin to regard the wikis as socio-technical systems involving both human and technological agency.  When interviewed, however, the students display reluctance towards “taking on” wikis in their own teaching but once again resort to more "received" notions of technology.

The study adds to the research on pedagogical use of wikis and on factors affecting new teachers’ uptake of new technologies. The analysis points to uptake as not only related to the most commonly identified "barriers", but that it also informed by the discursive environment. The study concludes that teacher education needs to make room for more explicit theorization about technology and its role and purpose in education. The versatility, complexity and transparency of wikis make them particularly suitable technologies for addressing these issues.

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