At Tromsø Arctic–Alpine Botanic Garden

by Andrés Castillo, Spain




The photography workshop will be a "guided" walk to take photographs in nature, in the garden or during an outing, where we will try to contemplate the most representative flowers of the spring season.

During the tour we will deal with technical aspects of handling the camera and the composition in photography, especially oriented to the "macro" photography of plants and flowers, with practical exercises.

In the afternoon (or later), in the botanical garden, we will see the work and comment on it.


  • Introduction to macro plant photography
  • Knowledge of arctic flora and the function of a botanical garden
  • Approach to the characterization and recognition of species by means of macro photography of plants.


Points that we will treat or contents:

  • Photography of flowers and plants, particularities.
  • The dynamic range of our camera and how it limits us when it comes to composing. HDR.
  • Hyper focal, light measurement and depth of field.
  • Composition: general rules. Changing the point of view. Characterize the plant and its environment.
  • Work in manual or semi-automatic. Measure light and focus. Live view.
  • Comments on the appropriate material for the photography of nature and plants: the use of the tripod and the shooting delay; objectives, filters and backgrounds.
  • Separate subject from background; light and depth of field.
  • Photographic retouching.

Recommended material:

The material really needed is a camera, compact, reflex or a mobile phone, but to get the most out of the workshop is recommended some of the items from the list above.

  • Reflex camera (manual options).
  • Lenses: macro lenses and extension rings.
  • Tripod
  • Laptop with some editing software installed, such as Lightroom or Photoshop (I can bring mine), video projector and screen (provided we have a closed site)
  • Pendrive


Initial, thirty to forty minutes to explain the objectives, the contents of the workshop, and the basic concepts of photography. Hour and a half to two hours of taking photographs in the garden. Thirty to sixty minutes for visionary and comments. The time bracket will depend on the final number of attendees.

Total time, about three hours.


It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of photography, but it is advisable to know the basic concepts of exposure regulation, speed, diaphragm and sensitivity.


This is a popular workshop, disseminating the values of the botanical garden and the arctic flora of Tromsø. The prize is 400 NOK which can be paid at the Café in the Botanic Garden. The number of participants in each course is limited to 8 persons. The courses take place at Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden, during Saturday the 7 and Sunday 8 July, each day at 11:00, partially inside in case of bad weather. The number of courses depend on interest shown. Originally, a course was also planned during the Garden’s excursions in the field earlier, whether another such excursion course should be made would be open to interest.

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Please sign for the courses by the e-mail: Andrés Castillo


Få utskriftsvennlig versjon ved å trykke på denne
Når: 07. juli 2019 kl. 11.00–14.00
Hvor: Tromsø arktisk-alpine botaniske hage
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: ansatte, studenter, gjester / eksterne