Research data management at UiT: An introduction

Research data are an essential part of most research projects. The data we collect are of high value, to ourselves and to other researchers, and should therefore be well organized and archived. Furthermore, scientific journals and funders have started to require that research data are properly managed and made openly available, if possible.

In their meeting on March 9 2017, the University Board adopted Principles and guidelines for research data management at UiT. These became effective as of September 1, and apply to all employees, including PhD students. The purpose of these is to "clarify responsibility and provide guidance on how the institution and its employees shall manage, share and archive research data in line with the institution's administrative, financial, and ethical guidelines." Read more about the policy here.

In this seminar, we give an introduction to UiT's Principles and guidelines, and the support services that are developed in order to help the researcher meet the requirements, including UiT's institutional archive UiT Open Research Data. We will also place the work at UiT in a larger context and explain the benefits of sharing research data, for the researchers themselves, for the research community, and for society in general.

The presentation will last around 45 minutes, and there will be plenty of time for questions, comments, and discussion.


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Når: 14. mars 2018 kl. 10.15–12.00
Hvor: TEO-H1 1.333
Studiested: Tromsø
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Frist: 13.03.2018
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