New Frontiers in Environmental Philosophy

Challenges, Limitations and New Frontiers in Environmental Philosophy

Using Nature
Ethical theories within environmental issues most often argue that human impact on nature should be avoided altogether. This has spurred a debate over whether environmental philosophy is inversely perpetuating the man nature-divide. The main topic here is not whether we should “disturb or use nature as such” but rather HOW we should do it.

Virtues in Human-Nature Relations
We often hear that our “promethean attitude” towards non-human nature is to blame for the environmental crisis that we face today. In this slot we want to investigate further what kind of role attitudes, virtues and habits play in this situation. The relationship between individual and collective action is of special interest here.

Economic Growth: Limitarianism
To have the right attitude or the right and flawless ethic to go by does not help much if it is “really The Economy” that makes the difference. In this slot we want to discuss the relationship between ethical theories and “economic realities”. We want to discuss Ingrid Robeyns’ term ‘limitarianism’, and we want to discuss whether a theory like that can make a difference when it comes to economic theory and practice. Philosophically interested economists are therefore especially welcome.

This conference will be the first one in an annual series. The conference is organised by the Environmental Philosophy Research Group (EPG) at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway and will take place 31 May – 1 June 2018.

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31.05.18 kl. 00:00
01.06.18 kl. 00:00
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Frist: 30.05.2018

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