Is Envy & Frustration Stealing Your Happiness?

We welcome everyone to an evening of Meditation and Yoga Wisdom.
Free entrance and suitable for everyone, even if you never did meditation before :)

Music Meditation with Mantras is easy, soothing, and can help us become free of our different worries and stresses. In this way we can experience real peace and joy in our lives.

Afterwards we will show an enlightening video about the relevant topic of the evening. 
Do you feel dissatisfied when you compare your life to other people’s lives? Instagram and Facebook feeds are famously full of the shiny, happy pictures of other people’s perfect lives. When we compare ourselves to people with more money, fame, beauty, talent, personality, luck, health, and so on, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with feelings of discontent or envy. But this tendency, to compare ourselves with others, is incredibly destructive and keeps us from experiencing inner peace and happiness.

How can envy and frustration be removed once and for all, setting us free and allowing us to live a truly happy life?

We will end the evening like always with some tea and snacks together. Hope to see you for a different Friday evening. :)

More info on our Facebook-page: TROMSØ MEDITASJON

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on or on 99165151 (Janne).

Få utskriftsvennlig versjon ved å trykke på denne
15.09.17 kl. 18:00 - 20:00
Framsenteret (Hjalmar Johansens gate 14)
Janne Blomli Johnsen
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