Information meeting about tax, tax returns, deductons, rights etc.

Every year in March/April, tax-liable wage earners receive a pre-entered tax return form for the previous income year. The form must be checked, if necessary corrected, and submitted by 30 April.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions, and you can get help filling out your tax return.


  • The taxpayers obligations in Norway
  • Rights
  • Tax Return
  • How to submit Tax Return
  • Personal id-number
  • Valid documentation
  • Tax Card
  • Web-sites
  • Taxation of income
  • Residency for tax purposes
  • Deductions
  • Assessment in advance of foreign employees
  • The special tax exemption rules or foreign researcher and teachers
  • Tax assessment notice


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Når: 16. april 2015 kl. 16.00–19.00
Hvor: TEO- H1.1343 Campus Tromsø
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: ansatte
Ansvarlig: Lajla Johansen
Telefon: 776 44946

Frist: 13.04.2015
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