Academic English Workshop for PhD Students

This is a two-day workshop in academic writing designed for PhD Students and focuses mainly on written skills in English.

The workshop will be relevant for all disciplines at UiT and judging from past evaluations it will be useful for both international and Norwegian students. As the use of web resources is central, participants should bring a laptop or tablet.

Workshop topics

  • Characteristics of academic writing
  • Readability
  • Word order
  • Avoiding typical grammatical e2015rs
  • Nominalization
  • Web resources
  • Stylistic issues and style guides
  • Varieties of English
  • Structure and format
  • Abstract writing
  • Oral skills
  • Individual discussion based on submitted texts

Target group

The workshop is designed for both international and Norwegian PhD students. The workshop will be in English.


Time and place

21 and 22 April 2015 (09.00 to 16.00 each day) Academic English Workshop for PhD students at UiT


Learning outcomes

The course will help participants in their use of academic English at the required standard. As this is a two-day workshop there will be numerous exercises and input from other colleagues. Participants will become familiar with a variety of useful web-based resources.

Working methods

Presentation of a topic which will be followed by exercises and or discussion. There will also be individual discussion of texts submitted before the workshop.

Course material

  • Course compendium. Each participant will receive this free of charge
  • Reference book: "Words - A User´s guide", Stewart Clark and Graham Pointon, Longman 2009. If required, this can be ordered at the university bookshop.

Number of participants



The course is free of charge for PhD students at UiT.


Stewart Clark, English language adviser.


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21.04.15 kl. 09:00
22.04.15 kl. 15:30
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