International Students Union

ISU Narvik is a branch of ISU Norway, a non-profit independent organization run for and by international students.

On a national level we work in cooperation with the Norwegian Students Organization (NSO). Here at Norges arktiske universitet UIT in Narvik, ISU collaborates with other students’ organizations at Campus Narvik to represent international students.

To sum it up, we aim to serve reliably as a practical, social and cultural resource, an academic supporter and foremost as a moral support base. With your help we will continue to foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding between the international students and the greater college community- and have a bit of fun along the way! ☺

What we do

But what does this mean in practical terms?

  • As a practical resource we provide information, help with orientation and do general problems solving in cooperation with the schools’ international office.
  • We organize social events such as International parties, outdoor trips with barbecue, Trip to Lofoten/Ice Hotel, Kiruna Sweden, Language courses, International Cultural Week, Ice-skating, Bowling, etc.
  • Mainly we are involved with as many international issues as possible.

If we can’t solve your problem or answer your question, we will certainly help you to find someone who can. As a social resource we arrange or collaborate on several events throughout the year.

ISUs’ working language is English, and every student at Norges arktiske universitet UIT in Narvik has the right to be a part of the board and get himself democratically elected. For more information, seek out web page.

Where are we

We share our office with the “Fadder” in C block. Please contact us in case you want to join us or use our resources.

            Office: Room C2080