2023_Internal Seminar: Karolin Tampere / Ensayos

In this internal seminar WONA research group member Karolin Tampere presented her PhD project in artistic research and her ongoing collaboration with Ensayos.

Ensayos is a collective research practice centred on multispecies dialogues, coastal health and peatland protection.  Initiated on the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego in 2010, Ensayos (meaning “inquiries”, “essays” or “rehearsals” in English) first focused solely on the ecopolitical issues impacting the Fuegian archipelago and its inhabitants–past and present, human and nonhuman. Now, other archipelagos have come into view, with research “pods” growing in Norway, New York and Australia. The mission of Ensayos is to do eco-cultural conservation work in Tierra del Fuego and other archipelagos through collaborative art, science and community projects in partnership with existing ecological and cultural conservation initiatives. On the main isle of Tierra del Fuego,  WCS Parque Karukinka, Caleta María, and Hach Saye are foundational collaborators (for more information see https://ensayostierradelfuego.net/ensayos). In the seminar members also discussed Lisa Blackmore’s text «Cultivating Ongoingness Through Site—Specific Arts Research and Public Engagement» (2022).