2023_External Lecture: Soviets on Svalbard - Photographic Glimpses

WONA member Elin Haugdal gave an open lecture at Framsenteret (FRAM - High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment (The Fram Centre) entitled «Sovjet på Svalbard – fotografiske glimt» (Soviets on Svalbard - Photographic Glimpses).

The lecture was the first Friday lecture of the year in the auditorium at the Framsenteret in Tromsø and was celebrated with «solboller» (celebrating the return of the sun). In the lecture Haugdal presented unpublished photos from the Soviet settlements on Svalbard during the Cold War. The photos were taken by Norwegians during official and friendly visits to Grumant, Barentsburg and Pyramiden. They show buildings and infrastructure, culture and sports, children and the elderly - and a well-developed welfare society. The photographs also show the rich visual culture of the Soviet settlements, which both reminded the inhabitants of their homeland, and served as propaganda internally and externally.