2022_Magazine Launch Kunst og Kultur: Nordlige verdensgjøringer


WONA is guest editor for the double issue of Kunst og kultur (Vol. 5, Issue 2-3) entitled Nordlige verdensgjøringer (Northerly Worldings). On 22.09.2022 we celebrated the launch of this thematic issue at Tromsø Kunstforening /Romssa Dáiddasiida.

We launched the issue with a short introduction of each article by editors Elin Haugdal, Hanne Hammer Stien and Monica Grini, which deal with photography, painting, miniatures, installations, curatorial practice and performance as worlding or world-making practices. The introduction was followed by a lecture by art historian Svein Ingvoll Pedersen related to his article "To find place in the north: Inghild Karlsen's 'Sea Tranquil'".

Kunst og kultur is published open access and all articles from WONA’s thematic issue can be found here.