2022_Seminar Guest: Malin Graesse

Date: 29.4.2022

Following Malin Graesse’s public lecture Structures in the Stream: Concerning materiality and the-more-than-human on 28.4.2022 at the Academy of Art, Tromsø, Graesse and WONA members convened in a seminar to discuss two texts proposed by Graesse:

Heather Davis, “Life and Death in the Anthropocene”, in The Routledge Companion to Critical Approaches to Contemporary Architecture edited by Swati Chattopadhyay and Jeremy White (New York: Routledge, 2019)

Amanda Boetzkes and Jeff Diamanti, "At the Moraine», e-flux Architecture, September 2020. (the article is available via this link)

Malin Graesse is an art and design historian, and environmental humanities researcher living and working in Oslo. She has worked with theories of craft and design where she most recently co-authored a chapter in an anthology on Nordic design culture to be published at Routledge in 2022. In 2016 she received the theory grant of the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts for her MA thesis on the social and ecological design of Austvtan Craft Central. She has curated the exhibition Tid. Tråd. Tegn: Inge Bjørn i Guttormsgaards arkiv (2019) at Guttormsgaard's Archive, Blaker, and has published articles in journals like Kunsthåndverk and Kunstavisen. Graesse has recently written on the sculptural practice of Johanne Hestvold (published by Heavy Books in 2021) and is part of the interdisciplinary scenography research project +Habitat+.