The eight survey of the Tromsø Study

The eight survey of the Tromsø Study (Tromsø8) is planned to start in March 2025 and end in December 2026. We plan to invite all residents in Tromsø municipality who are 40 years and older, about 35,000 participants.

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The eight survey of the Tromsø Study (Tromsø8) is planned to start in March 2025 and end in December 2026. Photo: Marius Fiskum

Research on future health challenges

Tromsø8 includes more than 35 research projects from the UiT- The Arctic University of Norway, The University Hospital of North Norway (UNN), collaborating universities and hospitals in Norway, the Institute of Public Health and others.

In this survey we will focus specifically on health in the elderly and social inequality in health. The research includes a wide range of projects, including cardiovascular diseases and other major public health challenges such as cancer, diabetes, physical activity, and diet, aging and dementia, lung disease, mental health, addiction, chronic pain, musculoskeletal diseases, oral and dental health, antimicrobial resistance and more. The subsequent research will contribute updated knowledge about public health to improve preventive efforts, future health care and patient treatment.

All inhabitants in Tromsø municipality aged 40 years and older will be invited

If you live in Tromsø municipality and have reached the age of 40  - or more in 2025, you will be invited to participate in Tromsø8. The invitation will provide information about when and where you are invited to participate, and which examinations you will undergo. All participants will receive individual feedback with selected results, for example your blood pressure and cholesterol-levels. The invitations will be sent out continuously from January of 2025.

Contact person 

Elin Skog 
Project manager for Tromsø8