Access to biological material

Access to biological material is granted after a contract is signed, based on an approved application. The agreement on rights to analyse biological material is signed by the project leader at the responsible institution for the research. Any delivery and usage of biological material must be within the purpose of the Tromsø Study, and in line with the project description/protocol and the necessary approvals that apply to the individual project. Applications are processed in the Tromsø Study’s Biomarker Committee before a final decision is made in the Tromsø Study’s management group.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted at latest one week before the Bio committee’s meeting. Please note that the application must be complete – including all the sections mentioned above – before it can be processed. However, the approval from REC can be sent later. 

Dates for the Biomarker Committee meetings 2021 

Please expect a process time of up to 2 weeks after each meeting. Biological material is handed out when all necessary documents have been sent to the Tromsø survey, and the agreement is signed. 

Guidelines and criteria’s for applying 

The Tromsø Study’s Biomarker committee assesses the applications based on the current guidelines for use of biological material (guidelines only in Norwegian), including requirements and criteria for application. The applications with the project description/protocol must meet all the criteria in the list below:

The following criteria are the basis for assessment and prioritisation of projects: 

Scientific and academic quality

Usefulness/utility value (research value/value for future research?)

Projects and applications regarding biological material are expected to have different profiles, i.e., strengths and limitations. Some projects can be assessed to have a high degree of originality and scientific quality but limited utility value, while other projects may have a high degree of utility value. The Biomarker Committee makes an overall assessment of applications for biological material based on the criteria listed above.

Fees for the application process and further

The fees related to the work the Tromsø Study does in the application processing and in the inquiries to the participants must, as a general rule, be invoiced to the research project. Labour costs are calculated for each individual project according to the hourly rate. Material costs, shipping and any other expenses will be in addition.