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70-year-olds are as mentally sharp as 60-year-olds were before

Older adults perform better on tests related to memory and cognition than before, according to a study from Tromsø, in Norwegian



To be physically active gives higher pain tolerance

Increased physical activity may therefore have potential in the treatment of chronic pain, according to new research from UiT, in Norwegian



Fewer women in Tromsø are experiencing atrial fibrillation

Women with high blood pressure have three times higher risk than those with normal blood pressure to develop atrial fibrillation. Fortunately, women in Tromsø have gained much better control of their blood pressure.

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Too much espresso increases your cholesterol levels, especially if you are a man

Results from the latest Tromsø survey indicate that the method of brewing coffee changes the way coffee affects your cholesterol levels. Which biological gender you are also matters.