Nordic Mediation Research

The project aims at developing and promoting Nordic mediation research and positioning it internationally by bringing Scandinavian researchers together in explorative workshops.

The main goals of the project that runs from January 2016 to June 2017 are: 

Also, we hope to lay the foundation for a multi-disciplinary network of Nordic researchers.

To achieve these ambitious goals we have planned two explorative workshops for all participants and one working workshop for a subgroup of participants. Also, we have planned a publication presenting state of the art of mediation research in Scandinavia with all participants in the project as potential contributors. In addition, a subgroup will be working on one or two journal publications and a project website.

Heads: Associate Professor Lin Adrian, University of Copenhagen, researcher Kaijus Ervasti, University of Helsinki, Professor Anna Nylund, UiT


Anna Nylund

Financial/grant information:

The project is funded by NOS-HS.