Data privacy

As participants in the Norwegian Women and Cancer study, you can be assured that all of your personal information is handled with respect for your privacy and private life and is in compliance with laws and regulations. All persons who work with the study are bound by a duty of confidentiality. Information that is collected will only be used for health statistics and approved study objectives. It is not possible to identify you when results from the study are published.  

If you are a participants in NOWAC, you have the right to view your information that was collected from you into the study, to correct any mistakes that we have registered, and to withdraw your consent. If you would like to view or correct your information, withdraw your consent, or have questions about the handling of personal information, do not hesistate to contact NOWAC via email. You may also contact UiT The Arctic University of Norway's data protection office via email,, or telephone, 77 64 63 22 and 97 69 15 78, if you have questions about the handling of personal information in NOWAC. 

More details on data privacy are provided on the Norwegian version of this website.