AMINOR - Advanced Environmental Research in the North

AMINOR is the Research School in Environmental Research of the FRAM Centre, connecting UiT to other research institutions in Tromsø. It is a multidisciplinary research network consisting of students, professors, researchers, and managers. AMINOR focuses on the integration of monitoring, science and management, with a particular emphasis on northern areas and environmental changes. AMINOR aims at promoting the use and development of theory, excellent study designs and appropriate analytical methods in both research and management.

AMINOR organizes weekly lunch discussion, workshops, and courses. To get info, sign up to AMINOR Slack channel


Members: Eeva Soininen, Nigel Yoccoz

Collaborations: NINA, NPI, IMR, NIKU, and Akvaplan-NIVA



Eeva Marjatta Soininen (Principal investigator)
Nigel Yoccoz (Principal investigator)