Arctic Shipping through Challenging Waters

The primary objective of the project was to examine the legal framework for international shipping through Arctic waters, in particular the Barents Sea and the Northern Sea Route.

Conference in Singapore resulted in book on Arctic Shipping.

Read an interview with Tore Henriksen about the project here.

The objective was divided into three sub-objectives:

  • Analyze whether existing regulatory measures are adequate to protect the vulnerable marine environment and biodiversity of the Arctic. 
  • Analyze the role of the Arctic coastal States as illustrated by Russia in regulating shipping in Arctic waters. 
  • Examine the processes within the IMO and assess how the interests and roles of Arctic States, particularly Russia, are displayed and influencing the development of the Polar Code and other regulations on Arctic shipping.

This project was a part of A-LEX - Regulating Arctic Shipping: Political, legal, technological and environmental challenges.

Financial/grant information:

The project was financed by the Norwegian Research Council.