Pharmacist-Physician collaboration in primary care

This project is a collaborative effort between UiT The Arctic University of Norway and two general practitioner offices in rural Troms, Storfjord, and Senja. 

The overall goal of the project is to explore what a collaborative model between general practitioners and pharmacists working in primary pharmacies could look like to ensure the best possible medication usage for patients. Is it possible to redistribute tasks so that pharmacists can take on a larger part of patient follow-up? How can this be done in cooperation with the general practitioner to ensure the right treatment and effective information flow? Should home healthcare services be involved when the patient receives such services, and if so, what is required to make this a reality?


Beate Hennie Garcia (Principal investigator)
Kristian Svendsen
Marit Waaseth
Lars Småbrekke
Elin C. Lehnbom
Kjell H. Halvorsen

Financial/grant information:

The PhD student working on the project is financed by UiT the Arctic University of Norway